Center of gravity, stability and balance

Center of gravity, stability and balance
Myint Kywe 先生
ဆိုရွိကိ ကရာေတးအသင္း နည္းျပခ်ဳပ္ 
ဦးျမင့္ၾကြယ္ ( ၿမိဳ ႔မ ျမင့္ႂကြယ္ )
The centre of gravity is very important in relation to stability. If a line through the centre of gravity falls within the structures base then it will remain stable.
A body whose Center of Gravity is above its base of support will be stable if a vertical line downward from the Center of Gravity falls within the base of support.
The Critical Point is reached when the Center of Gravity is no longer above the base of support.
Stances are not fixed positions that are held when you are free fighting.

  •  Strength, Flexibility, Stability and Balance
  • All are interdependent.
  • All together they enable posture and mobility.
  • Ask any senior what they fear most. They will most likely say “the loss of my mobility”.

  • Comparing C.G biking posture with C.G karate posture

    This is the common wrong posture most new cyclists will make. Apparently the person and bicycle are fixed to a triangle which is known to all that is the most stable frame. Then neck pain and shoulder pain will follow you for several days. 

    The right posture of biking is like below. You should contract your abdomen. And your body should form an unstable quadrangle with the bicycle so that you can adjust your center of gravity easily to respond to the unexpected change of road condition. The hands are just used for assist, you need not handle or push the handle bar hardly with your hands. So you´ll never have neck pain and shoulder pain after cycling. 

    Then let´s talk about upslope. If we do not change our usual riding habit, we can hardly ride our mountain bicycle to the slop. Remember to shift your center of gravity.

    The right posture of upslope is based on right riding posture. You should sit your ass at the front point of the saddle, and bend down your arms to shift your center of gravity to the front. 

    When you are going downslope, you need to shift your CG (center of gravity) to the back and you´d better move your butt to the end of the saddle.