Ancient Karate practitioners do not always bounce at Karate tournaments but why do today Karate practitioners bounce so much?

Ancient Karate masters do not always bounce at Karate tournaments.

Why do today Karate practitioners bounce so much?

Karate Myint Kywe Anko Azato and Master Yasutsune Itosu did not bounce in Karate.  Master Funakoshi Gichin did not bounce at sparring in Karate.
Master Masatoshi Nakayama also did not bounce at sparring in Karate.
Master Masutatsu Oyama also did not bounce at sparring in Karate.
All true traditional karate practitioners also did not bounce in Karate. Originated masters of JKA and senior masters in Shotokan never used bouncing up and down in tournament.
Real karate practitioners did not bounce. Bouncing is a “sport thing”.

It started in boxing. Bouncing is NOT appropriate for self-defense.  Senior fighter was taught to not bounce up and down. There are top fighters who don't bounce as well. I was actually able to watch the Karate matches during in the tournaments, and I was surprised to see how many of them bounced (up and down) on their feet causelessly. Realistically, always bouncing is very bad.
Bouncing is a bad habit though. Karate has no bouncy stances. In a real fight between two skilled people the guy that bounces will get himself killed quickly by the other guy.

Movement is an important.  Bouncing is maybe to warm up and tactics. But the always bouncing is NOT necessary. You need to be calm, fast and powerful. You should maintain calm, fast and steady. We should stay calm during a fight or tournament. I always suggested many karate practitioners NOT to do always bounce at sparring, and that it wastes energy or it made them so tired. You should maintain your balance stability and motion coordinated linear move with smoothly, so powerfully and rapidly and efficiently is better than bouncing. This way, you can take the information and incorporate it into your specific training plan.

If you are always too much bouncing in the competition and tournaments, you must be tired automatically, wasting energy and less control yourself.

Bouncing may be OK for sport.
Sometimes this jumping can also be used to fake moves against an opponent by using a flamingo stance when one of your leg is in the air, but you end up using your another leg.

Do you agree or disagree with the following above mentioned idea?
What you choose will depend on your decision. Your decision depends on your expedience in Karate. 

Thank you.